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  • Light Gage Rotary Shear CTL Line

    Wuxi LonGar
    1 Set
    Price Terms:
    FOB, CIF
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    L/C, D/P, T/T
    Wooden Box
    From the date that we get the deposit, will deliver the products within 15~30 days base on the type and the quantity of the machines you ordered

    Model Type: WXLJ-3X650
    The serial line is mainly used for CR, S,S ,Al material ,precision leveling and cutting products .Special advantage will not stop to cut which avoid micro – indentation by stop to cut .It is applicable for high precision aluminum plate ,mirror S.S plate ,ect… with short cutting length product .
    Rotary Shear Machine-Technical Parameter
    This series rotary cut to length line can shear 150 sheets per minute, with maximum running speed of 80 m/min. It uses six-fold multi-roll leveling machine, so the sheet is flat without any marks;
    The Rotary shear machine is driven by the servo motor, with high shearing precision; double-station stacking, high efficiency and high speed.
    The flying shearing line is applied to machine cold-rolled carbon steel, silicon steel, tinplate, stainless steel and surface-coated metal materials.

    Light Gage Rotary Shear CTL Line  :Specifications parameters 

    Parameters/Model Processing Thickness(mm) Processing Width(mm) Cutting Accuracy(mm) Max. Speed
    Max. Cutting (times/min) Uncoiling Weight(ton)
    WXLJL-2x650 0.2-2 100-650 ±0.3 80 150 5
    WXLJ-2x800 0.2-2 100-800 ±0.3 80 150 8
    WXLJ-2x1300 0.3-2 400-1300 ±0.3 80 150 15
    WXLJ-2x1600   0.3-2 400-1600 ±0.3 80 150 20
    WXLJ-3x800 0.3-3 100-800 ±0.3 70 150 8
    WXLJ-3x1300 0.3-3 400-1300 ±0.3 70 150 15

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     Light Gage Rotary Shear CTL Line :Flow chart 

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